Visual Studio Components


On this page I'll tell you everything I know about Visual Studio components.

Components are dll files or ocx files that can add functions to your application you normally can't do with your form,
like the winsock component, wich makes you connect to another computer.

There are a lot of components out there.
You have components that give your form a better look, components that add new kinds of buttons to your form,
components with new progressbars, etc.

The most common and most downloaded components are the dotnetbar components.
You can download them at:

Unfurtuneatly those components aren't free.

As a programmor, you can also create your own components.
For instance, these are some of the components I made:

Making components isn't so difficult if you know how to make them, but can be very tricky sometimes.

I've uploaded a source code that contains information on how to make your very own components in visual studio.

Green Button.rar (393,1 kB)

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