VB - Tooltip


Hello, in this tutorial I'll teach you how to use the tooltip component in visual basic 2008/2010.



Create new form and add :
1x button
1x Tooltip

Your form should look like this:

Notice that the tooltip component is underneath your form. You will not see this component in your form.
Click the tooltip1 componenent and change the following settings in the property window:

IsBalloon = True
ToolTipIcon : Info
ToolTipTitle = Info


Now click the button in your form. Notice that there is a new property :

Set the text of this property to: This is a button, you have to click it !

Press F5 or run your program.
Move your mouse over the button and hold your mouse for a second. This is the result :


Download the source codes:
Tooltip.rar (60 kB)

Topic: VB - Tooltip

Date: 17/08/2012

By: bustillos, mary joy

Subject: object oriented programming

i want to know more about the kinds of tools