VB - Phishing program

In this tutorial I will teach you how you can make a phising program. This tutorial is for educational purposes only !

Start by making a  new windows forms application and call it Phisher.

Add 2 labels;

Add 2 textboxes and a button;

Click the login button to edit the codes.

What you do with the login details is up to you.
You can mail it, or you can store it.

In this tutorial we are not going into the mailing part.

Storing the user/password:

You will need: 2 variables.

To store the username/password into these variables you could use the following code:

The user details are now stored into the variables, but we also want the username and password to appear 5 seconds after a subject clicked the Login button.
We can do this by using the following codes:

You have succesfully made a phishing program. The trick is to make it look as real as possible,

for instance, I was able to create a msn clone that looks like this:

Download the source codes:
Phisher.rar (62,9 kB)


Topic: VB - Phishing program

Date: 04/11/2012

By: Dafaq?

Subject: Really

The source code is 70KB? I bet it has a virus in that bitch.



Date: 27/04/2012

By: Youssef

Subject: Question

I Need A TUT About If SomeOne Used This Phisher The Id & Password
Will Be Sended To My Email Please Make A TUT Aout This
Thank YOu !



Date: 17/07/2013

By: Me

Subject: Re: Question

If you still need this, i could make one in this reaction:

- For what (eg. Messenger, facebook, hotmail)

regards me



Date: 09/03/2012

By: ares

Subject: Phisher Description

You add "Phisher" in the description of the project so this can't be used everyone will be know it is a Phisher because it is written in Description when you open application properties!