Protect your exe's



In this tutorial I'll explain how you can protect your source codes by using Exe Protector. 

The program lets you select your exe and then turn it into a dll file that is unreadable for reflector. 
It also makes it another exe file that can open the newly created dll so your exe remains safe in dll.

1.Download Exe protector setup: Link
2.Install Exe protector 
3.Open exe Protector


4.Select your exe file that you want to protect. 
5.Click recompile 
6.Wait untill your exe is recompiled. 
7.Now a message box pops up. Click OK 
8.A folder should open now. In this folder there are two files. You need both files. 


Topic: Protect your exe's

Date: 25/03/2012

By: rajesh

Subject: Protect your exe's