Kaspersky Protection bypass


Short,simple BUT powerfull tutorial.

Did you set a password on Kaspersky and you've forgotton it? You can open almost nothing because you don't remember your password? Or you'd like to open a virus but kaspersky detects it? Well. Then I have the solution for you!

Close(shutdown) windows. Open(restart) windows and press the F8 key repeatedly.
Now you get a couple of  booting options. Choose the Safe Mode.
This may take a while ..
Wait wait wait. if you get a login screen, click the user you want, e.g. Administrator or user or something.
Wait wait wait ..
You're in! Good!
Now click Start> My Computer> Hard Disk where kaspersky is, usually C: \>  usually Program files> Kaspersky Lab> Open the folder that appears> Now you're in a directory like this:
C: \ Program Files \ Kaspersky Lab \ Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.
Open AVP.EXE. Something normally appears on the bottom right now. Right click on the icon and select settings.
You can now edit anything without a password! Now turn "password protection" off etc.


Thanks to -XBX- for this tutorial !

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