Backtrack - DOS attacking techniques

In this tutorial I'll teach you how you can use Backtrack 5 for DoS attacks.

The first and easiest technique, is called Slowloris.

Slowloris makes a lot of connections to a website, and leaves them open in a way that no one else can connect to the website any more until you stop the attack.

You will need the slowloris script:

slowloris.pl (18,9 kB)

Start backtrack 5 and download the script above. Preferably move it to the home folder.

1. Create a new document

Call it slowloris.pl

Paste the slowloris script into it and press save

Move it to the home folder to make life easier.

Open a new console window

Type in : perl slowloris.pl -dns www.websitehere.com

Press enter, you should see something like this:

This means that it's working. Try visiting the website you're attacking now and than to see if it's down.
If it is not down after 2 minutes, this technique probably won't work on that particular website.

This is part 1.
Part 2 will follow soon !


Topic: Backtrack - DOS attacking techniques

Date: 17/12/2013

By: makenvalborg

Subject: dos method

that was too easy man, i got it,
very helpful for 1st time experiencing dos