On this page you can dowload  applications such as:
Text editors, Video downloaders, screenshot tools and other usefull tools and applications.

All of these files have been scanned for malware and approved by Doom .
All of these files are for educational purposes only !


slowloris.pl (18,9 kB)


**The Love Meter
Love meter.exe (186,5 kB)


**Website status checker
Website Status Checker.exe (444 kB)


**Zinc File Protector
zfp_1.0.0.0_SETUP.exe (837,4 kB)


**Windows Live Messenger
wlsetup-web.exe (1,1 MB)


**DivX Webplayer
DivXWebPlayerInstaller.exe (1,1 MB)


**DoS 5.5 Final
DoS 5.5 Final.rar (4,9 MB)


Modified Taskmanager


**Flash Game Hacker
This application can hack flash games!
Release.rar (1,2 MB)


**Icon Extractor
Extracts Icons from any file type
Icon Extractor.exe (14 kB)


**Image Convertor
Converts image types
Image Convertor.exe (218,5 kB)


**MSN Freezer
MSNfreezer (1).rar (5,5 kB)


**Hypercam 2 for free
This is a small application that generates a license file for Hypercam 2
Hypercam 2 Keygen.exe (280 kB)


**Zinc Software Run
Modified version of the windows Run (warning: can only be used by Vista/7 users!)
Zinc Software Run.exe (1,1 MB)


**Zinc File Encryptor
This Application can encrypt and decrypt all kind of files (.Exe,.dll,.jpg,etc)
Zinc File Encryptor.exe (191,5 kB)

**PSP File Manager
This application can be used the manage your Playstation Portable files such as game saves, pictures,games,etc.


**FileSystem Watcher Professional Edition
This application watches over your files
FileSystem Watcher Professional.exe (587,5 kB)


**FileSystem Log Maker
Looks alot like Hijack this, only better ;)
FileSystem Log Maker.exe (67 kB)


**File Validator
Is a usefull application you can use for looking up information about all files and even scan them for virusses!
File Validator.exe (446 kB)


**Visual Studio 2010 Key:
Visual Studio 2010 Keygen.exe (308 kB)